Madame Truffles winter stores 15th June to 3rd September 2017  

Melbourne: Bernadette 0430017480

Sydney: Emma 0434898747

Chefs (wholesale), Functions, Private Dinners:




17 Yarra Place
South Melbourne

Opens Thur 15 June until Sun 3 September

Thur / Fri - 9am - 5pm

Sat / Sun - 9am - 4pm

T: 0430 017 480





Rear 259 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW

Opens Thur 15 June until Sun 3 September

Thur / Fri - 9am - 5pm

Sat / Sun - 9am - 4pm

T: 0434 898 747


Our truffles

Fresh truffle from WA, TAS, NSW and VIC are showcased in store each week and everyone is welcome to come & sniff out the differences for themselves, from the smoky truffles of Braidwood NSW to the pungent cheesy truffles of Manjimup WA.

Truffles sold at Madame Truffles are harvested fresh each week and the Madame takes great care in choosing her truffles. 

Price differences are based on quantity of harvest rather than quality as all truffles sold by Madame Truffles are fresh extra grade or first class truffles.

Our truffle product range 

The Madame has created a range of truffle products using the very best pure black truffle (tuber melanosporum). 


Truffle Ice Cream

Madame Truffles ice cream is made using the finest truffle.  It is creamy & delicious with a delicate taste of truffle.

Madame's truffle ice cream is available in-store.

Truffle Pasta

The Madame has created a range of pastas using the finest quality truffle. In Melbourne you will find: Truffle & Mushroom Ravioli. In Sydney you will find: Truffle & Potato Ravioli.

Truffle Honey

Madame's truffle honey is made using extra grade black truffle and pure Australian honey from Victoria. The truffle honey is available to buy in-store and online.

Truffle Salt

The Madame’s truffle salt has a balanced flavour. It not too pungent and not too light.  The Madame's special recipe improves the freshness and longevity of the product. There are both 5% and 10% truffle versions available. You can find her truffle salt in-store and online.

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