Madame Truffles comes to Sydney

Ah Sydney.  What a beautiful city with amazing food and experiences just around every corner. We can't wait to open our truffle store in the heart of Sydney, in Surry Hills. Hopefully we will add something a little different to the city's food experiences!

So what does Madame Truffles Sydney look like? 

The truffle store opens Friday 26th June and will be open every Wednesday to Sunday until August 30th. Each week we will showcase fresh truffle (tuber melanosporum) from the best truffieres across the country and everyone will also have the opportunity to come in and smell the differences for themselves. As with wine, the terroir has a pronounced impact on the aroma of truffles - for example, truffles from WA express cheese and wine overtones; truffles from Braidwood smell strong & smoky; truffles from Tasmania have a distinct rainforest floor aroma.

The truffle shop will also house truffle products such as truffle ice cream, pasta, honey, salt, popcorn and other treats.  Pepe Saya Truffle Butter will also be available.  All of our products are made with fresh truffle – we never use synthetic truffle oil nor other fake aromas.

We will also be co-hosting a truffle dinner at Pasta Emilia on July 15th, where the wonderful Peter and Kate Marshall from Terra Preta Trufferie in Braidwood will be there to talk about their unique approach to growing truffles. And of course, with amazing food cooked by Annamaria and her chefs from Emilia in Italy.

We look forward to opening in Sydney and welcoming each of you into our truffle store.