Truffle Trips in May

The Madame will be hitching up her skirt and heading around the country to spend time at the truffle farms this May. Boots have been bought and maps have been pinned.

Our first stop will be Western Australia.  This is where the largest number of Australian truffle are produced - approximately 80% of all Australian truffles are harvested here, and it is these truffles that are enjoyed the world over.

About 3.5 hours south of Perth is the Truffle & Wine company.  Truffle & Wine are possibly the largest producer of French black truffle... in the world!   What an amazing achievement!  As Chairman Alf Salter has said ‘I remember the relief after seven years of waiting. We were no longer a hazelnut farm; we had become a producing truffière!”.   Alf is very pleased with the way the season is shaping up (perfect conditions for growing truffle) and we are very much looking forward to our visit.  Alf is a truffle legend!

You cannot go to Manjimup without visiting Al Blakers from Manjimup Truffles. (Al will be doing truffle things OS in May so we will have the pleasure of meeting his son Ben). Al is affectionately known as the King of Truffles and is a renowned truffle grower... being the king, it's totally appropriate for the Madame to spend some time at his farm.

We, of course, will also visit the gorgeous Dion and Sharon Range (and (Peri the dog) who run Stonebarn Trufferie in Pemberton. An independent producer of exceptional quality truffle, Madame Truffles has sold their truffles for the last three years. We are also lucky enough to be staying at Stonebarn Lodge (we very much recommend booking a stay there).

After WA it's then back to the East Coast and across to Braidwood NSW to see the Marshalls.  We love spending time with the Marshalls. Peter and Kate are phenomenal people - a treasure trove of truffle knowledge with exceptionally high standards and a unique approach to truffle farming that sees them making their own black soil for the trees. Hopefully we will be able to make some with them. The soil gives their truffles a unique smokey flavour that is unlike any other Australian truffle.

Bye for now.