The Burgundy Truffle

Madame Truffles presents: The Burgundy Truffle!


Found in almost all European countries, the burgundy truffle is harvested from September to late December. It is highly prized across Europe and America and used in some of the worlds best restaurants. Prior to the 20th century, these truffles were plentiful in United Kingdom but are now rare.  Oh but there are unconfirmed reports of burgundy truffle growing in China…which isn’t that far from here compared with Europe.  A trip to China perhaps?

So what does burgundy truffle look like and how does it compare to the Périgord black truffle? It is lighter inside and slightly less intense but is not a bad substitute in the warmer months.  It has a strong hazelnut-like aroma.

Is the burgundy truffle similar to the summer truffle? Structurally both truffles are very similar.  However, the aroma of the burgundy truffle is stronger compared with that of the summer truffle, and the flesh is a slightly darker hazel colour.