Here you will information on how to choose, store and use truffle


Choosing truffles

Here’s a few things to consider when choosing your diamond of the kitchen.

Firstly, truffles are part of the mushroom family and start losing freshness as soon as they come out of the ground. They should be enjoyed as close to purchase as possible, ideally within 5-7 days.

Here are a few tips for choosing fresh truffle:

  • The smell.  The truffle you choose should 'smell'. Thanks to the unique terroir of truffle, Australian black truffles present with different aromas, from smoky to cheesy and everything in between. The key is to choose the one you like the most. 
  • The look. Fresh truffle has a vibrant black or dark brown colour on the outside and lively white veins on the inside. If a truffle looks dull or has limited veins then it could be under-ripe (harvested too early) or over-ripe (harvested too late).  Again, use your nose to decide if the truffle is fresh and right for you.
  • The feel. Fresh truffles should be firm and not squidgy. 
  • The amount. As a general rule, choose 5-10g per person per dish. If you’re going to eat truffle, you may as well enjoy it.


Storing truffles

It’s important to look after your truffle and store it correctly.  To note, truffle loses weight and aroma in the first few days - this is to be expected. 

1. Wrap your truffle in paper towel, pop it in a glass or plastic container (with the lid on) and put it in the fridge (4-6 degrees).

2. Check your truffle every day or so. If you notice moisture or condensation in the jar, wipe it out, change the paper towel and restore. Keep your truffle dry.

3. For maximum flavour, use your truffle within the week.

4. Do not freeze your truffle. (Although you can snap freeze truffle, the quality & integrity of the truffle is somewhat diminished.)

If white dots appear on your truffle, clean by running under cold water. Dry well. White dots can also be expected.

Storing idea:  The Madame likes to store her truffle in a closed container overnight with eggs (eggs in their shells that is).  The aroma of the truffle transfers through the shell making ‘truffly eggs’.  Enjoy truffled scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner…and use the truffle for another dish.

Using truffles

Truffle really does make a meal extra special and is a versatile ingredient. 

The Madame recommends using a Microplane* for fine truffle shavings or Truffle Slicer* for thin wafers of truffle.  Never use a knife (unless it is a truffle knife) as this may crack the truffle.

Black truffle likes heat. Shaving truffle into a dish during the final stages of cooking can help bring out the aroma & flavour of the truffle. Keep in mind that black truffle is robust and can be cooked in the oven without losing its integrity. (Oh, never heat white truffle!)

Truffle loves fats such as butter, cream, cheese and milk. These fats carry the flavour of the truffle.  Truffle can also be baked with fish or roasted with a chicken to make these meals extra special.  There are so many ways to use your truffle - see our recipe page for ideas.

* The Madame is proud to stock Italian Truffle Slicers and Microplanes