Madame Truffles loves showcasing Australian truffles


Madame Truffles History

Madame Truffles opened her doors in Melbourne Winter 2011. Her goal was to celebrate the Australian truffle and offer a wider range of freshly harvested, high quality truffles to anyone who wanted to try them.

This winter, Madame Truffles turns 7 years old. She is thrilled to be re-opening her Sydney and Melbourne stores to showcase the best Australian truffles.

A little note about the owners...

About seven years ago, Bernadette & Simon dreamt up a seasonal shop that sells the freshest and widest range of truffles, with a beautiful range of high quality truffle products to boot.  Up until then, Australian truffle was somewhat inaccessible at home, with our freshest truffle going overseas. And so, they turned their attention to the domestic market and Madame Truffles was born....


Australian Truffle

Black French Truffle, Tuber Melanosporum, is successfully grown in Australia. It does not grow naturally; trees have to be inoculated with truffle spores.  If all is well in root-soil-land, the tree will produce fruit. It can take 10 years for a tree to produce truffle & not all farmers are successful.

Black Australian winter truffle is considered to be some of the best truffle in the world. Most of the truffle grown here is imported to France, Italy, Hong Kong & the USA. Only a little stays in the country.  As the quality of Australian truffle is comparable to the French truffle, chefs the world over use Australian grown truffle during their summer period (our winter).

Truffle grows in WA, NSW, Vic and Tas. Tas was the first State to produce truffle (in 1999); WA is the biggest producer of truffle, now responsible for producing over 80% of Australia's truffle; Vic is the smallest producer of truffle.